General Questions

What is R1 ?

  • Recast1 is a coin that only users can increase inflation. Every user who makes transfers will earn R1 for each transfer, except in known circumstances. If we look at the foundations of the world economy, we see that the inflationary monetary base was created to meet the needs of that period. For example, as the usage of a local currency increases, its supply will increase and people will meet their needs.

Why Do We Earn Fees?

  • The network fees are incentives for the people operating the computers that keep the network alive. The services fees are the way those groups make money.. By doing so, they can provide rewards to stakers and miners. But that's not going to work for a coin that aims everyday use. We want to encourage our user to transfer. Unlike all projects, we provide a small reward to the person transferring R1. So, we enable users to earn by transferring some of the rewards they will earn by mining or staking.

How Much R1 Do I Earn on R1 Transfers?

  • Earnings are not clear, variable between 2-5% per year.

What is the Purpose of R1?

  • Volatility, unpredictable price movements and high transfer fees are the biggest reasons why cryptocurrencies are not used as a means of payment today. R1 targets predictable price and price stability with its transfer algorithm. Aware that high fees create major barriers to commercial use, R1 aims to reduce fees below zero.

What Percent Annual Will Supply of R1 Increase?

  • These two samples are considered to represent specifically 4 hours. Increasing transfer average and increasing transfer number trend, decreasing transfer average and decreasing transfer number trend are shown. In the increasing average trend, the annual supply increase can be between 3-5% when the average number of transfers continues with h/25bn-30bn lots (over a year). When the average number of transfers continues with h/20bn-25bn lots in the decreasing trend (over one year), the annual supply increase can be between 6-9%. As a result of this sample, the factor that affects the annual supply increase rate the most is directly proportional to how the transfer trend progresses. The change in the amount of transfer (lot) to be made every hour has less impact than the trend. The simulations confirm that the transfer rewarding algorithm will work correctly. As a result, it is impossible to say a clear figure, but it can be estimated that it will be 2-5% on average.

How is R1 Different from Other Coins?

  • Unlike all other networks, the transfer incentive algorithm and the predictable price and price stability that will be created by this means are the first among the algorithmic stability projects.

What Does R1's Icon Mean?

  • It is a representation of the transfer number average and transfer number changes.