General Questions

What is the Recast1 Coin ?

This is the method of earning tokens by transferring and staking tokens, which is what tokens were originally intended for.
It will be a platform where they can earn coins by supplying coins at certain annual rates, without mining.
Although the founders of the token are economists, strategists, analysts, software developers and engineers, the power of the idea can be associated with real life,
Starting from the foundations of the world economy, an inflationary monetary base was created to meet the needs of the world at that time.
For example: as the use of a local currency increases, its supply will increase, and as people meet their needs, this is the principle on which the R1 token is based.
An unlimited supply will also make an annual limited supply, and they will be able to do this simply by transferring and staking.

Why R1 Coin ?

    Easily extract money and list it on R1 exchange
    You will be able to earn R1 coins by transfering and staking
    It will be the owner of the world's largest economy platform

What is R1 Economy?

As we mentioned, since the founders of R1 are economists and there are people who are very knowledgeable about economics and strategy in the world, if they do not give this information to humanity, there will be some financial crises. We want to prevent this through the R1 economic platform, people will be able to get in close contact with strategists and economists on where to invest. These economists and strategists will be able to do this work on this platform in exchange for R1 coins and share up-to-date information on world commodities, stock markets, country currencies and crypto markets on the platform.
Thanks to this platform, we hope that people will make their investments, whether movable or immovable, correctly.

What is R1 exchange?

On the platform, people will be able to present their projects to us easily and if the main purpose of the projects is accepted by the managers,
We will create and promote the tokens of the offerers.
and we will be listing on the R1 exchange.
Project owners will be able to present their project, find their own angel investors, and realize their project with our follow-up.
We hope that this will be a beneficial project for all humanity.

How is the R1 token different from other tokens?

First coin based on Proof of transfer and stake :
By transferring R1, users will contract the supply of R1 depending on network usage and it will be reflected in the user's wallet.
And so an inflationary coin will be created.
It will be a usable coin as certain price stability will be achieved over time.

Can I invest in R1?

You can buy it with the Launchpad ICO.

What is the R1 icon?

Recast1 :
The first step to take shape,
It is a symbol that represents the rate of use and the rate of increase in supply.

What is R1 Launchpad ICO?

50% of the total supply will be purchased with ICO and will be collected and presented to investors on large exchanges.

When will R1 launchpad Ico be held?

An update will be made for the end date starting on June 25.

Where will R1 launchpad ico be held?

You will be able to participate by following the ways specified by registering on the www.recast1.org site.

How will the price progress in Launchpad ICO ?


What is the R1 program?

The Recast1 program is for advice active within the R1 launchpad ICO. In this campaign, you can share the link defined in your profile to your friends and get 20% of the Trx they deposit and request a withdrawal within 24 hours. The affiliate program will start from 25 June.

How can I earn with the R1 affiliate program?

Anyone can join the affiliate program by registering during the R1 launchpad ICO phase and posting the referral link via social media, sending a private message, posting an article in your videos or in your community. We will upload 20% of the Trx sent by each investor from your recommendation.
We assure you that it will fall into your withdrawable wallet within 24 hours.
When will R1 be listed on the stock market?
Launchpad will be listed on the global stock market approximately in October after the ICO is over.


We currently do not share R1 clothing products, but will list for those who want it in stores.
The R1 logo is open to everyone.

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