Imran is a British citizen of Kyrgyz descent, born in 1987. Imran has a master's degree in Mathematical Engineering. Imran has worked as a fund manager in a global company for 6 years. Imran Tariq is the founder of R1-Coin and IH FINANCIAL SOFTWARE SERVICES COMPANY LTD. which operates in London, England.
Antoine was born in France in 1999. He spent his undergraduate years between France and Portugal to complete his double degree in International Trade and Business Sciences. He is now Master’s student in International Management at ESADE in Spain and part of the CEMS program. Antoine is also Recast1’s community relationship Manager.
Sahra Asilda ATALI
Sahra Asilda was born in London and after her studies moved to Turkey to give political consultancy. In her time in Turkey she managed to gain experience in both the political and technology sector. Whilst she's the International Relations Consultant of the Mayor of the capital of Turkey she is aso the Marketing Director of Recast1.
Emin C.
Emin, a Turkish researcher and economist, He was born in 1995. He has economics education and blockchain experience. He made improvements to the Recast1 Consensus Monetary Algorithm. And he still works as a Recast1 Research Analyst.