R1 Ecosystem
In the current real economy order, there is the possibility of printing certain coins against the needs of the people. It will be a big step towards meeting people's needs, with no energy, unlimited supply, turnover and limited annual supply of shares,
By preventing speculation and manipulations under our control, R1 will be an active program in which users will share their ideas with each other and direct them to the right, all economic activities and those waiting for us in the future,
At the first stage, users with more than 1000 followers will be defined as Economists and strategists, and these people will be a program that will convey the current stage and each item they can be to the next stage.
They will be entitled to become economists and strategists, and will present their own indicators and trainings with their users through NFT auctions.

R1 Coin

-Creating an inflationary currency with Proof of Transfer and proof of stake,
-To be more environmentally friendly.
-To ensure that it is an easy and useful currency.

R1 Economy

-This platform will be established to respond to the need of investors to search for the right direction.
-It is a platform where users will benefit from economists and strategists with everything about the economy.
-It is a tool for every user to perfect their investment.
-It is a platform where economists and strategists can sell their own articles, indicators ... as NFT.

R1 Exchange

-It will be a platform where the projects requested from us will be listed.
-There will be a platform where the coins used will be listed.
-R1ex is a platform where people with good ideas who want to find angel investors will be listed.
-There will be a safe stock market away from speculation and manipulation.
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