Getting Started
Welcome Recast1 , Token information will be constantly updated on this platform.
The goal of the project,
Users can earn R1 by transferring and staking their tokens , Our goal is to create a tradeable token.
Strategists and economists on the R1 economy platform will provide up-to-date information to their paid or free users.
Companies or users will submit their NFT and Startup projects to us, and if they meet our conditions, we will create their tokens and we assure you that we will list them on the R1 exchange,
We will undertake the promotion of starred projects on our platforms.
The purpose of the entire R1 ecosystem is,
They will be able to earn R1 by transferring and staking, it will be a huge energy saver
On R1 Economy platforms, users will be able to find what they are looking for in the world economy with the strategists and economists here.
R1 users, especially NFT tokens of R1 economy writers, will be able to easily list their projects as coins on the R1 exchange by submitting them.
Investors will be able to learn which sectors will be more profitable in the future, how to protect themselves from financial outflows or declines, and what to invest in.
We hope to be a new guiding platform in the world with no energy (Nature-friendly token) and a wide economy ecosystem.
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